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Chotto Matte London: Volcanic atmosphere in the heart of Soho

Temple of Nikkei food in the United Kingdom, the Chotto Matte of London is a crazy project from the design of its interior spaces right up to the surprising content of its dishes. Explanations and behind the scenes insight on this revolutionary project for Pyrolave…

Inherited from the Nikkeojin, Japanese emigrants to Latin America and particularly Peru, Nikkei food is the unlikely culinary alliance between Japan and Peru, tasty and spicy cooking on the rise. The Chotto Matte of London, designed by the AMA agency, proposes this outstanding culinary voyage in a relaxing and underground ambiance!

Designed as a grotto where the powers of stone are calming and instil a sense of silence and serenity, this high place of fusion cuisine draws on a mad and extremely sophisticated design. Bringing in massive blocks of natural lava and installing them as countertops: this was the architect’s challenge.

It was impossible at first sight. As weight was a major constraint. But not for Pyrolave . The team rose to the challenge and came up with a solution combining the ‘lava crust’ appearance while still allowing transport. Several blocks of Volvic lava were dressed, hollowed out, juxtaposed then sculpted by an internationally renowned artist in the field: Thierry Courtadon. The result is conclusive with its perfectly uniform continuity. The upper part of these rocks is removed to allow the enamel to be applied and also bring out the duality between the raw material and the colour within the same block. The contract is fulfilled, and the site decorated by natural lava countertops that are more traditional with rounded concave and convex shapes. This unique creation pushed back the technical and architectural limits of Pyrolave’s expertise and made its company and employees proud.


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