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Le Meurice bakery: A lava shrine for exquisite cakes

From March this year, Pyrolave showcases the creations of the currently most sought-after pastry chef: Cédric Grolet. Famed for his extravagant pastries, his larger than life fruit sculptures and a host of awards, the chef chose Pyrolave enamelled lava to show off his creations in his 1st Le Meurice shop at 6 rue de Castiglione in Paris.

A simple, refined and uncomplicated place to create on a daily basis, in line with his initial plan. Produced by the Ciguë architectural collective - whose trademark is customised creation, sensitivity to context and special attention to materials -, the shop is long and narrow, setting off the Pyrolave enamelled lava to great effect. ‘Received ideas are turned on their head here: the behind-the-scenes take centre stage, the long enamelled lava counter – the chief element of the site – faces the street and becomes a genuine scene for dressing and finishing the cakes and pastries’ explain the designers. In more detail, the equation of thermal resistance + food surface multiplied by mechanical performances, namely its non-porosity, was in no doubt when recommending a Pyrolave surface for this prestigious project, say Hugo Haas and Guillem Renard.

Regarding functionality and design, the assembly of horizontal tops and vertical sections of thicknesses varying from 25-30 mm made possible a single-material project. It is a genuine advantage for this technical material, which for part of the table is cooled, and some vertical ornaments open for storage space. As for the colour – Antique white – it was chosen for its contemporary minimalism and relationship with the historic stone of the building. On closer inspection, the depth of the colour in conjunction with the ‘crackling’ of the enamel on the raw material are released like a random pattern that is generated at the very end of the process at Pyrolave. An immaculate, stable and timeless surface that genuinely shines a 'mineral’ light on the creations exhibited on the countertop for the delight of connoisseurs and food lovers alike!


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