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Call it a myth, call it a legend, you may have never seen it but we know for sure it’s real. For we take it out of the centre of the Earth and heat it over 1000°C. How’s that for proof?


Lava is unique. So is our know-how.

Imagine a rare stone born from the primordial magma, meeting the hands of some of the most patient men on Earth. For both, the encounter is nothing short of a miracle. Here comes our enamelled lava, a dazzling prowess.
Only a handful of men actually have the knowledge and skills to harness its incredible power. They are proper masters of their kind since they need to tame its incredible resistance, enamel huge blocks without a dent, and be absolutely spot on colourwise. Here in France, they have sole ownership of the craft.

More than 10 manual steps

Enamelled lava stone is a force that draws us. In Tokyo, Sydney, Dubaï, it finds its way to the most notable, the most audacious, the most illustrious and even sometimes the most underground places (such as the Nikkei bar in London) to hold us spellbound.
You need titans to carry powerful visions and lava is one of them. It lends its fiery temper to worldwide projects and off the radar ventures led by renowned architects and designers, always partial to both the sublime and the authentical.
Pyrolave has been known to draw regal attention to itself but extends its presence beyond sovereign housing and palaces to meet beauty wherever it stands. A huge swimming pool, an emerald bar in a Victorian spirit for a londonian secretive place, a white lava countertop for one of the finest pastry chefs in Paris…
Enamelled lava has no limits when it comes to shapes, size or finishes: it is a world of freedom.

From afar, you will first be appealed to its shine, for enamel is truly a light-catcher. Take a few steps and meet colours so intense you will find yourself wondering if you have ever come across such depth before. The richness of the colours together with the crazing of the enamel make for a gorgeous fully unscripted pattern.


This French know-how is part of those that make humanity richer but is also highlight our very essence. Strength, for a start, for the blocks are extracted manually from the ground. Intuition is also central, you need it to read the flow to identify the natural openings in the stone. Precision is needed to hand-finish the piece after the digital manufacturing of the slabs. Last but not least, patience and faith are precious for the many steps required by the enamelling and the even longer process of identifying the exact pigment mix to match the colour wanted.


All these skills would come to no use if the stone didn’t itself have extraordinary capacities. Lava stone comes to life a true prodigy, fortified by the dramatical conditions of its birth. As lava rose from the incandescent depths of the Earth, it turned into a stone after being petrified by the wind. Hence the outstanding temperament to the lava: both dense and homogeneous, it is frost-resistant and shows uncompromising resistance.

Colour wonders

Rédactionnel : Enamelled lava is a stone of freedom all the way to colours, with infinite possibilities. Choose yours among our existing palette or call upon the dexterity of our craftsmen to find just the one you have in mind.


Saint Emilion / L'air du temps
Saint Emilion / L'air du temps
Opaline / L'air du temps
Moutarde / L'air du temps
Bleu Paon / L'air du temps
Terracotta / L'air du temps
blanc de chine / Les signatures
Safran / Les signatures
Rouge Cardinal / Les signatures
Parchemin / Les signatures
Outremer / Les signatures
Noisette / Les signatures
Oregon / Les signatures
Gris Chrome / Les signatures
Gris Acier / Les signatures
Carmin / Les signatures
Carotte / Les affolantes
Havane / Les signatures
Ivoire / Les signatures
Jaune Magnetic / Les affolantes
Lagon / Les signatures
Noir Brillant / Les signatures
Emeraude / Les signatures
Denim / Les signatures
Citron Vert / Les signatures
Caviar / Les signatures
Cassis / Les signatures
Sapin / Les affolantes
Aubergine / Les affolantes
Azur - Les signatures
Blanc Antique / Les signatures
Blanc de Chine / Les signatures
Bronze / Les affolantes
Brun / Les signatures
Tilleul / Les signatures
One of these is your new favourite
Saint Emilion / L'air du temps

Our collections

Signature colours: a selection of 24 luxurious hues chosen among those who made our enamelled lava famous.
In the air: Last year, our colourists set themselves an additional challenge: scouring the globe to find the colours that would mark 2019. We now have 5 new exquisite colours, ready to conquer the world.
The bold: 5 new hues, audaciously ignoring tradition and shaking the status quo. Neither shy nor tame but rather intrepid. Heroic, dare we say.



Bespoke colour

Do you want us to replicate the tint of the tree overlooking the future pool? That of the wall-covering around the bar? For us, finding the clue to a particular colour is a lesson on perseverance, a game of tactics at times, for there is only one possible combination to be found. Hours can go by as we test, retest, refine and perfect the exact blend of mineral powders needed for the right hue to reveal itself.



Each and every one of our recipes is kept safe. One we have found the exact tint, it is registered in our colour library, so we can access anytime in the future, be it ten years from now. The view in our workshop is hardly believable: we have thousands of samples kept on the shelves, with the key to each one. Come have a look, it’s worth the journey.

Our agents are on all sides of the world.
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    Once upon a time, the Nugere crater erupted in Auvergne, in France.

    It gave us the Volvic lava we extract today, a stone with unparalleled resistance capacities. In the Land of Volcanoes, it is called “the eternal stone”.
    110 000 years old. This stone is an ancestor. A primal stone. A memory from the Neolithic.

    It goes back to a time when volcanoes still erupted in France and mammoths paced around. The stone saw them disappear and man start to settle.