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Pyrolave has brought together, for you, luxury flagships and other major names of the jewellery and fashion industry that share a passion for enamelled lava stone fixtures. Enjoy discovering these podiums, showcases, displays for charming or dainty products...

Chocolats Bernachon


Project features:

30 enamelled lava components for the XXL u-shaped display case

3 shelves with a 21 mm recess

Display cases: OCF

Chocolats Bernachon in Lyon :
a combination of French know-how and excellence

Enamelled lava and the Bernachon family have a long history. One that has continued over the years, always through meticulous renovations.

From generation to generation, these chocolate enthusiasts embody innovation and the grail of gourmet pleasure in each of their creations. But it is also in the shops and their refined layout that the harmony between chocolates, decor and know-how takes on its full meaning.

The elegant renovation of the Lyon and Paris outlets was entrusted to the Richard Bagur architectural firm, a food industry specialist recognised by the CFAI (Conseil des Architectes d'Intérieur) - an organisation within which the firm is fully committed to promoting the creativity and very essence of the interior design profession. This is a long-standing story, as the architect had already worked for the Bernachon laboratories.

’I was inspired by the client’s fundamental values and their background. I also immersed myself in the world of chocolate, the product codes and the history of the shops to create a unique and singular architectural universe,’ says Richard Bagur. ‘Enamelled lava stone is genuinely a ‘linking material’ part of the Bernachon family’s decorative codes,’ he continues. Forty years ago, a complete enamelled lava arch stood in the first shop of the company. Volvic Pyrolave lava stone is now represented with more subtle touches, in the form of counters, display shelves, window dressings and other panels decorating the lower level.

Neither too light, nor too dark... Neither cocoa, nor coffee for this warm tone, this almost taupe and sparkling hue, worked on extensively then revealed by our master enamellers... to delight the stakeholders of this magnificent project, an emblem of French expertise.



Chocolats Bernachon

cascade on Oxford Street

A genuine institution in the UK, Selfridges is one of those century-old department stores that daringly continues draw upon shapes and materials from elsewhere to make the customer experience so exceptional!

Created by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the first store opened on London’s most famous avenue London on the 15th of March 1909. It provided a level of service unheard of before: customers could get a lost button sewed back onto a jacket, their gloves cleaned, their pearls threaded or their glasses polished.

More recently, the department store has not lost its customer soul and has dedicated an entire space to jeans. For its robust values but also for the ‘raw’ atmosphere exuded by denim, the project manager sought out materials that embody this same authenticity. In terms of form: graphic effect, scale, modularity and free expression were the leitmotifs. Pyrolave Architecture, our UK agent, and the Pyrolave Design Office thus proposed an original and modular solution, with a double aspect: Ivory enamel on the surface allowing the lava stone crackling to blend wonderfully with the denim, and 4 cm thick coarse edges to immerse customers straight into the heart of the original atmosphere of this space.

More than just two display steps, this symmetrical creation ticks all the product presentation boxes. Visually delicate and surprising when in close-up, the feel and smooth, cool touch, and the lava stone from the Volvic volcanoes combine to make up this very raw Jeans space.


Technical details:

Easy to install
6 enamelled lava sections for a length < 2 m
Mix of enamelled lava on the surface and coarse edges

Lave émaillée Made in France

Lave émaillée Made in France


Technical details:

Circular displays dia. 700mm
Thickness: 25mm
Massive half-moon piece thickness: 140mm
Round and trapezium-shape display shelves
Pyrolave colours: Ivory

Made in France enamelled lavastone
for shoes made in the UK

After walking to London from Cornwall in 1851, at the start of his boot-making career, John Lobb headed for Australia, then at the height of a gold rush. There he created a shoe with a hollow heel, so that miners could hide the gold nuggets they found in it.

Back in London, John Lobb became bootmaker to the Prince of Wales. In 1899, he opened his first shop on Regent Street. More than a century later, a French luxury brand working in the manufacture of leather saddles and harnesses acquired the brand and encouraged its development.

Today, scattered throughout the globe, the settings of these distinctive outlets are true to their image: highly understated and refined, or more colourful for the brand with the horse pulling a carriage... but always offering visitors a customer experience of impeccable elegance.

Pyrolave is very proud to have supported the famous leather goods company for many years in the design of its stores around the world. Special creations for coffee table tops in the Tye & Dye style or ultra-worked single tones , cloudlike enamelled exterior facings in Asia or dressing tables in chic Antique White... these are the creations entrusted to RDAI , the brand’s interior design agency.

At the same time, John Lobb called on the Ciguë agency for the decoration of its outlet in the Parisian golden triangle. The goal? Continue to inspire brand attractiveness around its strong values, Goodyear sewing expertise and sustainable, repairable materials. The agency naturally introduced the enamelled Ivory version of Volvic lava stone to create volume-enhanced, tone on tone, podiums suspended from walls to highlight the company’s creations. And what a delight for Pyrolave to repeat the experience on Rodeo Drive in L.A.!


Lave émaillée Made in France

Royal jewellery…
what else ?

This slideshow introduces you to English green enamelled lava stone display shelves that highlight exceptional jewellery in the heart of Buckingham Palace area.

The English institution Wartski no longer needs any introduction as it is so well known and recognised. After the Russian Revolution, the Wartski family specialised in Russian jewellery and pieces created by Carl Fabergé, famous for his eponymous eggs. One of Britain’s most exclusive jewellers, Wartski produced William’s wedding ring to Kate Middleton in 2011.

In the window on St. James Street, Volvic lava stone - enamelled in a Sequoïa-colour, a very British green - is enthroned and reflects a thousand lights on tiaras and other glittering creations.

Joaillerie Royale

Joaillerie Royale



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